Belief: Judaism and Kindness
Activism: Antiracism, Earth, and Balance
Objective/Mission: To teach people how to connect with internal joyfulness through creative means while harming the environment and the beings on it as minimally as possible.

Having fun with Photographer: Lucky Wenzel

Having fun with Photographer: Lucky Wenzel

I believe all people have good and all people have bad. I believe it is our individual responsibility to recognize and rid ourselves of the bad we have inside so that we can be the best people we can be. I believe we must do this so we can love unconditionally and internalize joy to project outwardly for the good of other people, community and humanity. I believe that it is our role as humans to learn our life lessons, while doing so with joy and happiness for our individual G-d, universe, idol, or inspiration, what ever path connects to each individual. I believe we all have different paths for a reason that I don't need to understand in order to respect. My path is Judaism and it is my goal to live by Tikkun Olam, which means healing the world. In Judaism, healing the world is done by positive action. Jews believe we are judged by the actions we made in this life and I believe that deep in my heart. These are my internal beliefs, my Spirit connection. I use this a lot in my work.  Because I believe each person has their own individual path, I'm going to write this manifest simply as what I do and not what should be done. If you agree with my beliefs, feel free to engage, copy, share, adapt, or what ever helps to bring you to your happy place.   

As a conceptual artist who works within a process-based timeline, I believe it is my job to allow the process to dictate the direction of the project. It is important to be flexible and to be mindful that the process is what creates the value in the resulting product while also having a high quality resulting product. I'm consistently relating the process back to the overall concepts I'm working with to understand how each step fits together. I have been most successful when I have given up control, let my conceptual process have a mind of its own, and directed the quality and standard I expect in my work. Often, I've felt like I'm just a conduit to some larger plan that I've been kept in the dark about and other times I understand exactly where the path is leading me.

The choices I do make within my work are carefully calculated and based on a much bigger picture of what I want from life, not in pursuit of immediate satisfaction. The direction of my work shows evidence of this by showing an unfolding of experiences that don't always work out. I’m not the type of artist concerned with selling; my dreams are larger then this life. Artistically, I do aim to be a museum artist and all of my work is part of my development towards that goal. I believe that immediate satisfaction is short sighted in all areas of life.

Success in a larger scale is achieved when my concept of breaking down behavioral patterns to reveal a happier self is being understood in a pop culture sense around the world, so that it has the largest possible positive impact on culture and individuals. I want my work to make it cool to figure out how to be a joyful and happy person.


"I believe it is our individual responsibility to recognize and rid ourselves of the bad we have inside so that we can be the best people we can be. "